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Scarlet Macawd and asked us to Flock

The Scarlet Macaw

The habitat of Scarlet Macaws is considered to be the greatest latitudinal range for any bird in the genus Ara,as the estimated maximum territorial range covers 6,700,000 km². Nevertheless, the Scarlet macawa’s habitat is fragmented, and colonies of the bird are mostly confined to tiny populations scattered throughout Central and South America.

However, in this 2011 photo taken by fellow Pilot Doug Cleghorn.  Scarlet Macaws flock with Balloon of Feather as seen here together in Orlando, Florida. Please  join Pilot  Adam Carusone of Guru Balloon and discover the largest open museum of nature and experience for yourself our special journey into the Heavens where birds of a feather, flock together.

Hope to see you real soon. For more information on booking your flight, just pick up your phone and Macaw 407.758.7007



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