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NEW Flight Simulator

Guru Balloon Announced their new Flight Simulator on 4.21.11

Always Flyable!
Guru Balloon - "you like it ↔ it likes you"

The Guru Balloon Flight Simulator

Set to be released by the end of April 2011 the Guru Balloon Flight Simulator is now a 3rd generation mathematical model that calculates more than 40 flight variables 24 times per second.It also provides a dynamic zoom mode which enables even more precise landings and marker drops.If you are looking for one of the hottest hot air balloon sites on the web you are at the right place!Keep in shape and maintain your flying feeling and reflexes when the real thing is not available.Time, space and especially weather are no longer limitation for ballooning because The Hot Air Balloon Simulator is ALWAYS FLYABLE!

The Guru Balloon flight simulator is a 24-7 open global ballooning competition where you can compete or just fly for fun. The balloon handling is very realistic so allow yourself some time to adjust.

Through realistic balloon response and different wind speeds at various altitudes enjoy the magnetism of hot air ballooning:

  • Realistic balloon motion
  • Precision flying full of adrenaline
  • Race against time and other players’ scores
  • Just keep in shape

The mission of this site is just that – to practice balloon flying all the time, not that few precious hours in the morning and before sunset. Of course nothing can replace the real thing, but this should keep your reactions in shape and teach you the basics and more!

To add some spice to the simulator we have turned it into round the clock competition so pilots around the world can compare and improve their results.

The whole site is intended for hot air balloon pilots, but anyone else is more than welcomed to experience the physics of the first flying machine man have ever made.

The Guru Balloon Flight Simulator is Set for Release April, 2011

Pre-register here to qualify and be the first to get entered into “The Great Guru Balloon Race”  to Win a Free Flight in the real Guru Balloon!

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